Phil M.
Absolutely love the pineapple and mango habanero pepper sauce excellent flavor can't get enough.

Mario L.
I am enjoying this marinara sauce immensely. The depth of flavor along with the multitude of layers has brought fourth a divine flavor profile. Vegetables, meats, pastas all were elevated by the quality of the sauce. Thank you so much for providing this delicious brand to us all!

Anna N
Generally, I do not care much for marinara sauce. After hearing about the quality of their product, I decided to give it a try. I had both the Sicilian and the Neapolitan and I must, they are both delicious. You can taste the lack of preservatives and additives that you find in big name brands. I just ordered the 32oz jar of the Sicilian. HIGHLY recommend their sauces. Amazing!

Hi, I got to try your product and it is unbelievably outstandingly delicious! The way it adheres to the pasta and doesn't have that "water drainage" that so many sauces have, and the flavors are honestly more than I expected! I had the Sicilian recipe and will be ordering more for sure! Whatever you are doing keep on doing it with the consistency that you have in your recipes because it seems to me your sauce is going to fall into the right hands (Costco, Sam's Club, etc) and it is going to be on every shelf throughout America!  I enjoy your success story and looking forward to having many many more bowls of pasta with your sauce! Thanks again

Bill & Kathy
We absolutely LOVE your Marinara sauce!! We found it at a local deli and went back to buy out their remaining four bottles! Thank you for sharing your family recipe with us! We would love to try any other products you have available for purchase.

Megan W.
I absolutely LOVE Marinara Gal’s sauce. It’s always fresh and so flavorful. My whole family gets excited when we use it for family dinner, and believe me in a house of 4 it’s not easy to get everyone liking the same food. That’s never a problem with Marinara Gal’s sauce! Thank you so much for bringing our family back together for dinner! 

Curtis & Irene P.
We have now had this Marinara sauce twice and we can’t get enough!! We LOVE it! You can tell that all the ingredients are fresh also. This sauce also has such a different taste than all other sauces on the market. We will most definitely purchase this sauce again!

Vidhya S.
Connie has been making her homemade marinara for 3 years now! It is one of the best marinara sauce that I have ever tasted and my children loved it!!When I was heating up the sauce, my entire house smelled soooooo good that my daughters ran (attracted) to the sauce. They were repeatedly telling me “Mommy it looks so yummy and for sure its going to taste goooooooood” with the twinkle in their eyes. Once my daughters tasted it, they went for seconds and thirds and emptied the entire serving of pasta!! None was left for the second day (usually I cook a big amount). To add to this, they cleaned the whole plate, because it was that delicious. Thank you so much for making such a delicious and healthy marinara for a reasonable price!!

Jesus S.
This is the Awesome Marinara sauce I ever had.  With everything being organic and no preservatives it makes me feel better about giving it to my family. 

Thank you for the best homemade Marinara Sauce I’ve ever had.  I can’t wait to have it again when I come back from India. 

Deepa Y.
This homemade marinara sauce immeasurably tastes better than any other supermarket sauce. The lively tasting sauce has the right tinge of garlic and herbs taste to it. I have not only used this sauce for making pasta but also baked eggs with the sauce and also used it for making pizza. It has an unnerving great texture, balanced sweetness, and great flavor. This jar definitely deserves a top place in your shelf.

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