Our Story

Anthony and Connie

Welcome to our page! We are Connie and Anthony, the co-owners and founders of Marinara Gal.

In order to tell the Marinara Gal story, we must first talk about four very important people who were the inspiration for the sauce and the company. When Anthony and I got married, I found myself immersed in a loving Italian family, steeped deep in Italian heritage and culture. Our grandmother, Prudence (from Sicily), our mother Jean, and father Gaetano (from Naples), were the inspiration we drew on in developing the recipe that has brought Marinara Gal to life. All three of them had their own special way of making marinara sauce, but what they had in common was the quality of ingredients, and spreading joy and LOVE through the food they prepared. It was because of them that we were able to create our own special recipes for Marinara Gal.

In addition to Anthonys family giving us inspiration, my father Vernon, and mother Ellen, played a very important role as well. While developing Marinara Gal, I drew on my father’s work ethic and drive for starting a business. His sound advice and support was an invaluable tool and helped in creating the Marinara Gal story. Without any of the family mentioned above, we would not be where we are today.

Through hard work, the grace of God, and sacrifice, we officially created Marinara Gal and launched our staple recipe The Neapolitan in 2018! From there we brainstormed the rest of our line and created The Sicilian, The Venetian, and The Tuscan. In the process of making our newest marinara recipe we also launched our hot sauce line, Vesuvius! With three amazing flavors Mango Habanero, Pineapple Habenero, and our newest addition Reaper Garlic Lime.

Anthony and Connie

We are proud to use completely fresh, high quality ingredients. We bottle and label each jar, and make sure our customers receive the highest quality product whether it be our marinara or hot sauce.

Anthony and I love sharing our passion, history, and tradition with each of you! We hope you enjoyed learning about us, and we cant wait to show you more! Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see our latest updates, where we will be selling, new recipes, and more.

And lastly, we want to give you big Welcome to the Marinara Gal family!