Our Story

Anthony and ConnieEvery business has a story and “Marinara Gal” is no exception!! Hi, my name is Connie, who, along with my husband Anthony are the proud owners and operators. Our story begins in the kitchen of three very special people! In March of 1986 Anthony and I were married and I found myself immediately immersed in a loving Italian family steeped deep in their Italian culture and heritage! This was especially true where it concerned family get togethers and meal preparation. Anthony’s grandmother, Prudence, who was born in Messina, Sicily, her daughter Jean, my mother-in-law and Anthony’s father, Gaetano “Guy”, my father-in-law, who was born in Naples, Italy, all had an important part in the inspiration I drew on in developing the recipe that has brought “Marinara Gal” to life!!

Prudence, Guy and Jean had their own special way of making their marinara sauce and I drew on all three to develop and create my own recipe drawing on the best of their ingredients. The one special thing they each had in common in preparing and making their marinara was LOVE!! My grandmother, yes I’m being possessive here because she’s always treated me as if I were her granddaughter, and Anthony’s parents, Guy and Jean inspired me to not only use the best quality of ingredients in my marinara but to also prepare it with LOVE! For Anthony and me, our love in preparing our marinara is derived from Prudence, Guy and Jean in honoring the history and traditions surrounding family and times spent around the dinner table!! Our love is also derived in passing “Marinara Gal” legacy to our four children Michael, Kristen, Vincent and Amanda!

Marinara Gal ProductsI would be remiss if I didn’t mention my father Vernon! You see, while learning to develop and prepare marinara is an important part of the story, an equally important part of this story is the example my dad set for me in starting a business. His work ethic and his support of me was an invaluable part of the “Marinara Gal” story. 

I am extremely humble and grateful to Prudence, Guy, Jean, and Vernon for their influence, guidance and support to Anthony and me. We love and appreciate you very much. Sadly, I lost my mother, Ellen, in 2006, Anthony’s father, Guy, in 2009, our grandmother Prudence, in 2014, and my father Vernon in 2019. Anthony and I dedicate “The Marinara Gal” to their memory.