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Marinara Gal - Neapolitan Recipe

Neapolitan Recipe

Our marinara is prepared with only the finest organic ingredients and a healthy dose of Italian LOVE!

Our Neapolitan Recipe is our staple flavor, bringing the finest in homemade marinara from our kitchen to yours.

Our Neapolitan slow-cooked marinara sauce is not just perfect for classic pasta recipes like spaghetti. It also makes the perfect base for preparing other classic Italian dishes such as: lasagne, chicken parmigiana, stuffed shells, meatballs, puttanesca, pizza, etc.

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Sicilian Recipe

Craving a little spice in your life? Our Sicilian Recipe brings together a healthy dose of spice and flavor, creating the perfect blend of taste and a little bit of bite.

This spicy Sicilian Recipe is unlike any you'll find on your everyday grocery store shelf.

This tasty recipe provides a simmering heat that compliments the delicious tomato flavor through a healthy portion of crushed red pepper.

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Marinara Gal - Sicilian Recipe
Marinara Gal - Venetian Recipe

Venetian Recipe

Imagine yourself, and your special lady or gentleman, in a gondola gently gliding through the canals of Venice, Italy, guided by the artful hands of your gondolier! As you take in the beauty of this magnificent Italian city you are serenaded by the sounds of music and activities coming from the shops and restaurants and, if you’re lucky, an Italian song sung by your gondolier!! After your romantic ride through the canals, you and your special someone decide to enjoy dinner at one of Venice’s 5 star restaurants. You order a pasta dish with all the amenities!!  The antipasto is welcoming, the salad with Italian dressing and olives is par none!! Finally your pasta arrives, bathed gently in the marinara sauce that is unique to Venice, a marinara with a rich tomato flavor, a subtle hint of rosemary, and, the flavor of fine Venetian red wine!! 

It is this dining experience that we are hoping for our customers to enjoy when they try our new marinara, Venetian Recipe!  

Our Venetian Recipe is our homage to the traditional marinara you could expect at any of the restaurants in Venice, Italy and it is our hope that you will find our Venetian Recipe marinara a fine addition to your favorite pasta dishes!! Thus, we proudly launch the new member of the Marinara gal menu, Venetian Recipe!!! Bon apetito!!!

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Tuscan Recipe

Launching Summer of 2019, our new Tuscan Recipe gives you a delicious taste of old world homemade Tuscany flavors.

This roasted garlic and capers marinara sauce recipe is big on flavor and is the perfect addition to your next Italian dish.

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Marinara Gal - Tuscan Recipe